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Vietnamese people move home property investment

Overseas purchasing power in Vietnam is growing after a month active expansion policy for foreigners and overseas Vietnamese to buy houses in effect.

Living and working in England, Ms. Hoang medium of sea water villas worth more than $ 5 billion in Phuoc Tinh – Ba Ria Vung Tau. She said: “I decided to buy because of savings of 1.5% per year in England, the remaining 20% ​​tax deducted 1.2% per year, is too low. While buying villas in Vietnam was committed the profitability of 8% in US dollars, much better. ”

Price a beach villa over 5 billion with Hoang is quite soft and easy to invest. In the UK if you want to own a similar basis requires larger capital income is not equal. In addition, she and her family decided to buy as soon as the law allows foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam. In the absence of adequate records to prove that the Vietnamese origin, at least she still has enough of home ownership, trading as foreigners, particularly no longer face the risk to someone else whose name help .

Where the water overseas real estate investments as sister resort Huang is not alone. In the survey of real estate market in Phu Quoc early July, she Rewards, (representing a group of Vietnamese in Eastern Europe) were registered placeholder 7 beachfront apartment in a real estate project at beach resort Long, Phu Quoc. “At Phu Quoc many investors strongly committed to high profit margins along with Special Economic Zone status futures are attractive investment opportunities. In addition to this expansion policy for foreigners and overseas buyers home help we boldly invested capital injections, “she explained Rewards.

Not only attractive villas overseas Vietnamese, overseas transactions also appear in the apartment segment Mid – Senior. Anh Trung, (40), has lived and worked abroad for almost 20 years and recently bought apartment Gold View, Ben Van Don worth nearly 3 billion in HCMC in July.


Coastal property and the type of housing can profit from exploiting consumers (leasing) is the Vietnamese overseas investors interested in funding.

Anh Trung shared, found real estate market Vietnam was active again and extended policies for foreigners and overseas Vietnamese to buy houses in the country attractive to investment decisions. “If buyers and sellers profitably in the medium and long term is good, no, I invested lease income 6% a year is pretty good,” he centrally assessed.

Company statistics Novaland, in July, the amount of overseas Vietnamese who buy apartments in the project as an investor now accounts for 10% of all transactions. The majority of the contracts focus on the luxury apartment, prime location.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of July until 8/8, Phu My Hung Company recorded more than 100 cases of transactions from overseas and foreigners. Deputy General Director of Phu My Hung Corporation, Truong Quoc Hung said since the formation of the urban area to date, has now recorded nearly 30,000 residents live here, there are 50% of the cases was the foreign country , which includes overseas.

Previously, if the transaction amount calculated separately from Vietnamese overseas buyers accounted for about 10% of houses in Phu My Hung, however, there are many cases in the name of relatives buying names. “The new regulations allow foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam, particularly the rights of overseas expansion, the transaction volume of the Vietnamese overseas direct contract names will increase in the future,” Mr. Hung forecasts.

Apartment prices are also affordable customer group eyeing overseas, where many people from Hong Kong, South Korea signed a contract to buy the project City Gate on Vo Van Kiet Street for about 1-1 apartment prices , 2 billion, ie 16-18 million per m2. Since the seventh day, when new regulations extend to foreigners and overseas Vietnamese to own houses in the country, the transaction volume of overseas Vietnamese in this project accounted for 20% of transactions in the month past.

Company general manager Techcomreal, Nguyen Xuan Loc rating: “not until now the Vietnamese new home purchase. But liberal policies, open to foreigners buying houses, especially the rights set par with the overseas Vietnamese people in the country’s underground circuit Verified correct this demand. ”

According to Mr. Loc, now do not have the specific circular guiding the sale to foreigners and overseas Vietnamese. Therefore it is too early to forecast the rate of real estate transactions of overseas Vietnamese who will grow what percentage, but can be assured of a bright scenario in this customer group.

Taking only the case moved from state overseas thanks to relatives in the name of the official named in the sales contract, the risk level has decreased by 0. The attraction also depends on investment problems Profitability ratios with how and commitment as well as the prestige of powerful investors or not.

Does the type of attractive real estate Vietnamese people abroad including resort (mostly villas), apartments, townhouses and villas commerce in districts 2, 7, 9. The whole point of the This type of asset is the ability to exploit consumers (rental or residential) are good.

Mr. Loc said that there are three reasons for Vietnamese people bravely returned to Vietnam real estate investment at this time. The first is the intrinsic attractiveness of real estate market in Vietnam in the post-crisis phase and entered the first level of the recovery cycle. Currently, market liquidity increased by an impressive, young population, GDP has good growth prospects and habit home ownership is the plus point of water appealing investment overseas.

The second is the policy in Vietnam are likely to support strong real estate market. From expansion to allow foreigners and overseas Vietnamese to buy houses in the country to guarantee the provisions of the sale, leaving the trading floor … This is a plus point Monday to help the Vietnamese overseas reassuring transparency and openness of the market.

Tuesday’s wave of overseas investment in the country following a wave of real estate investments successful giants of the Vietnamese people from the US, Eastern Europe and some Asian countries. The children often return home overseas property investment is beautiful apartment is located in an urban center, in the form of private investment tends to increase. Vietnamese elderly people in the country as returnees also needs plenty of home ownership and investment especially popular community favorite resort real estate.

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