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Suoi Son Township

Trang Bom, Dong Nai Province

From Ho Chi Minh City and 50km highway Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay 4km from Long Thanh International Airport 6km, bordering the city of Bien Hoa. Suoi Son Township is designed stream ecology Giang Dien should have inherited the same scene sky charming young, pure land “dragon circuit”. In other urban projects, investors attempt to bring natural habitat, with forests, the Suoi Son springs, green space available to bring to life the most friendly nature.


Suoi Son Springs residents will also enjoy the full benefits of new urban areas such as the 5-storey business center, quality schools, modern hospitals and children’s play area, park and lake center 2ha wide. The project has nine functional areas with names and specifications based on image “Spreading”. include: Quarter Cat Long, Long Hung street, neighborhood Phuc Long, Long Khang street, neighborhood TM Rich, villas Fortune, The Phoenix villas, villas and villa Kim Long Royal oasis.

Hung Long Zone

Hung Long zone 66.424,93 m2 total area, including adjacent townhouses with a total of 583 background, each floor has an average area of 110m2. Hung Long zone adjacent neighborhood Sonadezi, Giac Vien monastery. Public Utilities in the neighborhood include: 3 inner park area from 2000 – 4.500 m2 help space here always fresh, cool

Cat Long Zone

Long Cat zone 61.256,95 m2 total area, including adjacent townhouses and detached villas, with a total of 537 background background, the average area of 110 m2 / background. Quarter Cat Long zone adjacent Sonadezi, monastery Omniscient and let go gentle river. The public buildings including hospitals, temples Omniscient, wastewater treatment plants and nursery schools.

Phuc Long Zone

With a total area of 61.256,95 m2, the total background is the 537 platform, including design townhouses and detached villas with an average area of 110m2. Phuc Long Zone 2 green park area of 2.200m2 with clusters versatile service. Phuc Long zone armor Giac Vien monastery sense of calm, stillness.

Khang Long Zone

Khang Long zone neighborhood adjoining town houses with a total area 35.834,36 m2 and 336 total background is the background. Public utilities are investing in areas including Long Khang zone 2,4ha park, 1.2 ha lake center and sports center.

Phu Quy Zone

True to its name, downtown bustling Phu Quy 5-storey apartment with total area of 4.949m2. Ranges shophouses 52.713,22 m2 total area. Downtown vibrant full-service supermarket, shops, coffee kiosks, bank … not only meet the shopping needs of the residents of the project but also to attract customers in the surrounding area.

Cat Tuong Zone

With a total area of 84.208,79 m2, is located in the luxury villa convenient transportation and commercial activities, services, Cat Tuong Zone meet young people by dynamic living space that still quiet, pleasant. Cat Tuong Zone – Where dawn always warm and enduring, pervasive warmth proliferation things.

Phuong Cat Zone

Originally envisioned as the “face of the Queen”, villas Phoenix The exquisite, luxurious hilltop high, wide open landscapes. The villa design is based on the natural terrain of the hillside, open slopes and hidden behind trees create exquisite beauty, romance. The Phoenix has a total area 60.534,9m2.

Kim Long Zone

These villas are designed along streams full of features ideal. Kim Long zone has a total area 37.836,2 m2, is full of large parks, meet the elements landscape, trees and water. Referred to as “yellow dragon”, villas senior Kim Long prominent in the overall project.

Hoang Gia Zone

This is the “pride of the King”. Hoang Gia Zone have unique position within the valley lãng morning dew, surrounded by streams Son of cool year round. With a total area of 56.271m2 the advantages of landscaping, utilities, Hoang Gia Zone special needs for rest and talk to the owner class.

– Urban area – Trade – Services – Travel springs located at Giang Dien Suoi Son, Trang Bom, Dong Nai. To the north it borders Buông River, west Residential Sonadezi – Giang Dien Waterfall Tourist Area, southwestern borders tech park Giang Dien 500 hectares – Tam Phuoc Urban and Highway 51. At the same time, planning City region. Ho Chi Minh City has been approved by the government determined form Tam Phuoc Urban Area is located on the project boundary

– Urban area – Trade – Services – Travel Stream Son in economic development axis manipulator east of Bien Hoa City to extend administrative center in Long Thanh, Dong Nai Province

– Urban area – Trade – Services – Travel Stream Son Centre 8km from the city of Bien Hoa City highway. Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay approximately 8 km; how beltway 3 TP. Ho Chi Minh 5km; by Long Thanh International Airport 8km; frontage road project area is between 3 Ring Road – Highway 1A – 45m wide highway, about 50km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

– The area around the urban area – Trade – Services – Travel Stream Son has been formed industrial zones such as in Bau Xeo Industrial Park Bom; An Phuoc Industrial Park; Tam Phuoc Industrial Park; Industrial Park Road 25 communes; Loc Industrial Park – Binh Son; Long Thanh Industrial Park; Giang Dien tech parks.


Modern Gadgets:

Urban Trade – Services – Travel Son concentrated stream full benefits of a modern urban area including schools, commercial centers, amusement parks – sports, combined with hospital types of recreational Services – sports, restaurants weddings, conferences, fishing, waterfall shower …

The technical infrastructure – in Urban Social Stream Son closely linked with the surrounding areas, especially urban projects Services – Travel – Eco Giang Dien waterfall resort Giang Dien-linking ecological urban fully equipped for modern life.

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