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Phu Quoc registered investment attraction than 144,000 billion

With many preferential policies to attract investment, Phu Quoc is becoming modern construction site with 196 projects and total registered capital of more than 144,000 billion, concentrated mainly in the field of tourism, real estate, resort .

Investors flocked to Phu Quoc land rush

Vice Chairman of Phu Quoc (Kien Giang) Huynh Quang Hung, said that by the end of May 7/2015, Phu Quoc are 136 projects being implemented, with a total area of ​​5.110 ha. Show as Vingroup corporations, Sun Group and some other large investors has been the construction of resort chains, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks 5-6 star standards serve tourists visitors to the island.

Wild Zoo Phu Quoc when the construction is completed will be the opportunities, potential and advantages to make development more resilient emerging Phu Quoc Island competitive with major tourist destinations in the country and compared with areas like Phuket (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia) …

Kien Giang Province People’s Committee has approved guidelines for investment projects Sun Group slings from the town of An Thoi and Hon Thom commune fun populations, marine leisure, the Hon Thom resort services. Total investment in this project is about 10,000 billion, which is expected to complete Phase 1 of about 4.900 billion, put into operation in 2017.


A real estate project resort tourism is being put into operation in Phu Quoc. Photo: C.Q
In addition, Bai Truong area and some other beaches on the island, investors are focused on implementing build restaurants, hotels, resorts 5 star standards. We can say 2015 and subsequent years, Phu Quoc Island such as a higher concentration of the tourism development serves domestic travelers, international.

Besides, international passenger seaport in Phu Quoc ongoing construction, with total investment of over 1.600 billion. The project is scheduled for completion in 2017 will attract a large number of international tourist ships dock in Phu Quoc Island for sightseeing gems, enjoy scenic, beach, resort, shopping.

Phu Quoc president added that the island continues to attract large investors, corporations reputation, strong financial strength and abroad to learn, invest in here. The district is proposing to provincial ministries, central sectors and coordinate with the relevant authorities to create conditions for investors to implement the project.

“Investing in Phu Quoc more favorable due to emerging mechanisms, characteristics most relevant to corporate income tax, personal income tax, land rental and many other policies,” Mr Hung said.

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